If you would like to become a cannabis entrepreneur, it is critical to be knowledgeable about the outlook for the licensing and regulation of cannabis in the states in which you would like to participate.

At AmeriCann, we are continually monitoring the progress of cannabis legislation in each state to help our partners capitalize on emerging markets. If you would like to know the prospects for your region, please contact us to learn our views on your market. We can help you develop and implement a strategy to launch your business. Learn more about our Preferred Partner Program.

No Specific Laws
Considering Legislation
Legal for Medical Use
Legal for Adult Consumption


There are 23 states that have a medical cannabis program for residents. There are 9 states that have legislation pending, and an estimated 11 more states will have a medical marijuana program by 2016. The legal marijuana industry brought in $2.4 billion in 2014, representing an increase of a whopping 74 percent in one year’s time, making it the fastest growing industry in the US. It is estimated that the total legal market could be worth $11 billion as soon as 2019. The Marijuana Industry is projected to create $10 billion economic impact in 2015 reaching $30Billion by 2019.