Our Mission

Our purpose is to fuel the growth of the cannabis industry and eliminate barriers for our partners to succeed. We see a world that shifts from prohibition to regulation so that all patients and adults have access to safe, regulated cannabis.

AmeriCann, Inc. is a registered, audited, publicly traded, and fully reporting company with corporate offices in Denver and Boston. The company is focused on bringing sustainability and efficiency to the design, construction and oversight of highly productive, energy efficient greenhouse cannabis cultivation and processing facilities.

Review AmeriCann, Inc.’s SEC Filings, XBRL, and Disclosures HERE

Corporate Information

Attorneys: Hart & Hart, LLP, Denver, Colorado.
Auditors: Malone Bailey, Houston, TX
Stock Transfer Agent: Island Stock Transfer

Business: AmeriCann, Inc. (“Company”) designs, develops and owns advanced cannabis facilities to produce the best possible cannabis in the most efficient manner utilizing advanced, sustainable practices.  AmeriCann does not currently cultivate, process or distribute cannabis, but partners with local business to serve marijuana patients and consumers in their communities.

Contact Information

For investor and stockholder inquiries or requests for information please email: