AmeriCann’s goal is to serve cannabis patients and consumers by providing state of the art facilities designed and built to produce high quality, consisten cannabis that is cultivated and processed in a controlled, secure, and sustainable environment. Our belief in sustainable cultivation and processing practices — and our responsibility towards our community and environment — is driven by the core belief that patients and consumers should have access to safe, regulated cannabis.


AmeriCann designs, builds and owns efficient, state of the art cultivation and processing facilities for the production of cannabis.


AmeriCann utilizes a proven strategy for identifying, acquiring and developing real estate specifically suited for cannabis operations.


AmeriCann has been instrumental in winning cannabis licenses in competitive application processes throughout the country.


In addition to funding real estate development, AmeriCann provides essential venture capital to developing cannabis businesses.


We provide assist our Preferred Partners with the selection of infused products to provide patients with greater choice in the delivery of medicine.


With a team of industry leaders, AmeriCann delivers an unmatched level of knowledge and experience to the cannabis industry.

AmeriCann develops world-class facilities for the production of cannabis, cannabis infused products and concentrates . The Company has a multi-market growth strategy with a current portfolio of 1,000,000 square feet of sustainable cannabis production infrastructure in development.

We are a fully reporting, publicly listed company with the US stock symbol: ACAN on the OTCQB marketplace. We support local businesses that serve cannabis patients and consumers in their communities. AmeriCann does not currently cultivate, process, distribute or sell cannabis.


AmeriCann is leveraging its leadership in a formative industry to establish a dominant position as the cannabis industry expands.

Our team has experience from inside and outside of the cannabis industry.  AmeriCann brings professionalism and traditional horticultural and proven business practices to the rapidly growing cannabis industry.

Ben Barton
Ben Barton
Founder, Director, CFO
Tim Keogh
Tim Keogh
President, CEO

AmeriCann Leadership Team

AmeriCann’s management team has a track record of success with both private and public companies includes an unprecedented level of industry experience and depth.

Advisory Board

AmeriCann, Inc. established the Advisory Board to serve as consultative body to the senior executives of the Company. The Advisory Board will assist management in executing the mission and vision of the Company and developing and implementing new ideas, innovations and best practices for the burgeoning cannabis industry.

Eric Forington
Eric Forington
Genetics & Breeding Advisor
D. Michael Anderson, Ph.D
D. Michael Anderson, Ph.D
Medical Advisor
Nick Brait
Nick Brait
Licensing and Compliance Advisor
Rien Havens, Ph.D
Rien Havens, Ph.D
Extraction and Infused Product Advisor

Ben Barton, Founder, Director, CFO

Mr. Barton has been the managing director of a Colorado-based venture capital and private equity firm since 2006. He has extensive experience in the public and private capital markets, and has been instrumental in raising of over $800 million in equity and debt financing for emerging companies over the past decade. He earned an MBA in finance from UCLA.


Tim Keogh, President, CEO

Mr. Keogh offers a unique combination of firsthand experience in the cannabis industry, from licensing to operations in numerous states, and an extensive background in real estate development. He is a director of one of fifteen Provisionally Registered marijuana dispensaries in Massachusetts, a board member of the Cannabis Producers Association of New England, and an active member and invited speaker for the National Cannabis Industry Association. He received a BS in business administration from Mount St. Mary’s College.


Eric Forington, Genetics & Breeding Advisor

Mr. Forington is the Head of Breeding and Strain Development for 303 Seeds, a cannabis genetics and seed company based in Denver, Colorado. After several years of cannabis R&D focused on the psychoactive cannabinoid compound THC, Mr. Forington shifted his focus to non-psychoactive cannabinoids including CBD, CBG, CBC and CBN. His breeding work includes the highest lab tested cannabidiol (CBD) and cannabigerol (CBG) plant specimens known in the medical cannabis market and he has received several cannabis awards.


D. Michael Anderson, Ph.D, Medical Advisor

Dr. Anderson has over 25 years’ experience in public health research design and ethics. He has been a leader in the review, funding, and commercialization of behavioral research and development, including tech-based applications for health promotion and disease prevention. Dr. Anderson was a Project Director at the National Cancer Institute (NCI;NIH) and is currently the & Human Subjects Protections Administrator for the Federally-authorized Health Media Lab Institutional Review Board (IRB) in Washington, DC. He received his Ph.D. and MPH at the University Of Minnesota School Of Public Health.


Nick Brait, Licensing and Compliance Advisor

Mr. Brait is a licensed attorney specializing exclusively in the legal cannabis industry since he received his law degree and has developed a through understand and knowledge of all aspects of the industry. He is the managing partner of the Denver-based Green Law Firm and a founder of the Cannabis Commodities Exchange in Colorado. He was a Distinguished Scholar at Southern Methodist University where he received his BBA in finance and BA in political science before receiving his law degree from the U. of Arizona.


Rien Havens, Ph.D, Extraction and Infused Product Advisor

Dr. Havens specializes in plant medicine and product development, with almost a decade of experience designing extraction systems, end products, conducting product and process research and creating innovative strategies for the Cannabis industry. Dr. Havens brings twenty years in alternative medicine and supplements combined with advanced training in extraction and manufacturing technology. Dr. Havens experience includes the creation of patent pending new extraction technologies and product line development for health and wellness industries.